Nourish with Nature

My Story:

I walked into my first herb shop in 1993.  I was a college student, working as a daycare helper for a woman who was opening my world to all kinds of wonderful thoughts and experiences.  She was one of the most pivotal teachers in my life both up to that point and also looking back.

We were in that natural foods store to buy garbanzo beans in bulk and trying to find semolina flour, but I could not help but be drawn to the 10 x 30 foot wall of glass jars filled with herbs.  I had never seen anything past the 5 or so baking spices my mother kept, and I had to know what each and every one was used for, how it tasted, and how it would make me feel.

The herbs were stored in every imaginable repurposed glass jar you could think of, this being 1993, peanut butter and mayo and lots of other products all came in glass, with hand lettered labels (often the backs of envelopes <3) with the common name and uses written on them with crayons and/or markers.

When you ordered something, they would climb a ladder, pull it down, weigh it and put it in a paper cone or bag for you.  I left with those familiar baking spices, loose leaf Irish breakfast tea (still my favorite), and some dried cranberries-a new favorite snack thanks to my employer.

I went back a few days after, when I wasn't working, and spent several hours walking around that small store, marveling at "natural foods", smelling the herbs, paging through the books, and petting the store cat.  I bought some chamomile, something I had heard of in books, but had no knowledge of and brought it home.  (Here's where I start to sound like a woo woo hippy...) I used her in a potpurri and an incense, I drank her as a tea, I bathed in her, I crushed her between my hands, I slept with her under my pillow.  She showed me who she was and so my herbal education began.  I repeated this with every jarred item in that shop, and went on to get more education, both traditional and scientific.

Your Story:

I don't know if our herbal apothecary is your first herb store, or if we are simply one stepping stone on your path to healing or becoming a healer.  But I do know that no one looking for herbs should work alone.  The herbs themselves are your companions and so are we.  


 If you want a jar of dead plant material in a capsule as inexpensively as possible, you can get that almost anywhere these days.  But if you want to know herbs and learn how you might use them in your home or your body; if you want a companion in your walk with these amazing gifts of the Earth, then you belong here.

Maybe you will start with a bar of homemade soap, or a class on the healing properties of chocolate?  Perhaps you are simply looking for a good resource for wildcrafted elderflowers?  Or maybe you are on a journey, and you want to take a turn getting to know burdock, then hawthorn, then raspberry?

Dried herbs, raw materials, containers, gifts, soaps, moisturizers, classes, consultations and community are here for you in the tradition of German immigrant apothecaries and native plant expertise.  Please make an appointment or drop by when you see our open sign, and I will introduce you to your new companions.

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