Elderberry Syrup

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

It has always been delicious and effective, but now...SCIENCE.

Elderberry Syrup Reduces Length of Colds and Flu

Very few herbal remedies have been tested for effectiveness. Not because they aren't effective, but because scientific studies always have a difficult time getting funding, and herbs don't carry a lot of cash...ba dum bump. In all seriousness, folk medicines are highly effective, but double blind studies are expensive and so it is rare that an herbal remedy is put through vigorous testing. However, with healthcare costs and antibiotic resistance rising, we may see more studies that prove what grandmothers and herbalist have always known.

Elderberry extract has been subject to a quite a few studies that indicate effectiveness especially in reducing the length and severity of cold and some strains of flu if administered within 48 hours of getting sick.

The Tiralongo study found similar results of reduced severity and duration, even prophylactic (preventative), in air travelers.