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I am a clinical herbalist and a CPM, State of Wisconsin-licensed, midwife in the Saint Croix Valley.  Inspired by St. Hildegard of Bingen and my German, Irish, and Native Hawaiian ancestry, I strive to bring compassionate care, guidance and handcrafted Veriditas by Hasewinkle™ clean products, to help our clients live their best lives.


In 1993, I began working with medicinal plants after some disappointing experiences with doctors, and my growing interest to find a more natural path to optimal health.  


“I firmly believe that the body’s normal state is one of health and that our bodies work hard to return us to health.

Herbal preparations partner with that vital healing life force within us to create health.”  

I’ve trained with Ojibwe, Lakota, and Amish teachers and acquired certificates in nutrition, botanical medicine, traditional healing and modalities just to name a few.  In my herbalism practice, I use this training to educate clients on the realities of their health challenges, the standard medical treatments and the natural approaches to support healthy physiologic function and health. Learn More.


Working within the childbirth industry since 2003, I have met and exceeded the standards for my LM and CPM accreditations within the state of Wisconsin and am an approved preceptor for educating aspiring midwives. I follow the philosophy that the midwife is an educator, social resource, emergency responder and the community creatrix who helps families gently birth the next generation, and participate in the lives of the families and children they care for. I encourage and support a women’s right to make personal decisions about their pregnancy and have control of their personal birthing experience in a calm, prepared, and professional birthing home.

I support your autonomy and right to your body, your baby and your birth experience, which may mean you disregard my “philosophy,” fully knowing that my dream is to co-create a community with you and share mutual support. Learn more about the Apron Strings Midwifery practice and birthing house.


AAS Degree in Midwifery MEAC Accreditation

BA Spirituality and Health, Minnesota State University


Maternal and Child Health

Nutrition, Botanical Medicine

Spiritual Counseling

Traditional Health Modalities

Global Public Health

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

Neonatal Resuscitation

CPR Certified Trainer

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