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Our clinical herbalism practice is founded on the belief that true health includes vitality, or “veriditas,” as coined by St. Hildegard of Bingen. We also subscribe the belief that optimal health can be found in the natural world as humans have done throughout history.  


At Hasewinkle Holistic Health, we provide education about the realities of health challenges, discuss standard medical treatments and natural approaches that support a healthy physiologic function and health for our clients. Our founder, Nicole Wocelka is also a licensed healthcare provider with additional certificate credentials in Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition, Botanical Medicine, Spiritual Counseling and more. 


Botanical medicine has been practiced by human beings throughout our existence. The true way of herbs is not to target a disease and cure it, rather the power of herbs is to nourish and support the body’s natural state of balance and health.  


We use Functional Herbal Therapy to provide a framework of guidance for each client, which may include all aspects of functional healthcare including:

  • Medical History

  • Genetic Factors

  • Lifestyle Factors

  • Patient-centered Individualization 

  • Consultation on Medicinal Plants to Support Your Health Goals


If you are looking to take control over your own healing, we are here to partner with you to find a more personalized, natural path to achieving optimal health. We would be happy to help you support your body’s natural state of balance and health. Let’s talk.

Mid-adult woman farmer with eyes closed smelling a plant herb outdoors at community farm._
Clinical Herbalist Consultations


Interested in learning more about clinical herbalism or gaining more knowledge of herb, plants and botanicals? We have several classes within Immersive Herbalism™, herbology, plant identification and formulation classes where you'll gain hands-on experience. Here are some of our upcoming classes: 

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